Dr Raj Wicks Senior Veterinarian, BVSc BSc (Hons)

Update from Dr. Raj! March 2018:

Wow – it has been almost 4 years since we opened The Dog Clinic in Taroona and we have now ‘branched out’ with our new consulting suite in Sandy Bay in 2018. We are small business with about 12 staff and we pride ourselves as being a community driven practice.

I graduated in Veterinary Science from The University of Queensland in 2000, after previously completing a Bachelor of Science (Animal Parisitology, Hons) in 1995. So as you can see I really enjoyed university life, but I think it also gave me the life lessons to understand why I wanted to become a veterinarian. I really enjoy just focusing on the canine species and hence don’t miss getting swiped/scratched by cats!

I have four beautiful girls in my life – Kath, Maddy and Annabelle. Also not forgetting Rosie the Greyhound – Dog Clinic Mascot!

My interests include road cycling/spin/’Sufferfest’ class and being a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra).

As you probably all know – I LOVE THE TIGERS (Richmond Football Club). Funny story : I was joking with my wife Kath once about how Brendan Gale (President of the RFC) said that he could not distinguish between the loves of his life (marriage/kids births) and his love for the RFC. After telling Kath this, she asked me “Do you love us more than the Tigers?” My delayed response was “It is a different sort of love” and that “I love you both”. I don’t think she found this an appropriate response!


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