Why just dogs?

Dr Raj & RosieThe short answer is simply because we love them.

Welcome to The Dog Clinic – Hobart’s premiere vet hospital providing veterinary care exclusively for dogs, and the first dog-only clinic in Australia – Woof!

The Dog Clinic Hobart aims to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your canine best friend and beloved family members. Dr Raj, a senior veterinary surgeon with over 17 years’ small animal experience (Melbourne and Hobart), and a senior emergency veterinary consultant to the After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic (Hobart), has fulfilled his dream to launch Australia’s first purpose-built dog-only clinic.

Why should cats have all the fun? Cat-only clinics are now a very popular option for owners that are concerned to reduce the potential stress of their cat’s visit to the vet, by minimising exposure to other types of animal in a mixed practice situation. So why not apply this specialised approach also for dogs? At the Dog Clinic, there is no waiting room or post-surgery recovery room stress due to exposure to other types of animal; no rabbit, cat or other smells to increase dog (and owner) anxiety; no corners for your dog to walk around to get to a consultation room or treatment room (which they hate); all put together with the highest quality, dog-specific diagnostic equipment ready to cater for all shapes and sizes of dog.

Dr Raj, Dr Cathy, Dr Shannon and Dr Hannah, and the nursing team all own, love and have devoted countless hours helping to treat, train and nurture all types of dog. The Dog Clinic prides itself on bringing the latest advances in canine care to our clients, with our ability to focus only on dogs and provide owners with a practical range of options to ensure best care for their best friend.

The Dog Clinic Hobart’s motto is “What is best for the pet,” and we have coined “The Dog Clinic difference,” the term we use to describe the extraordinary care and knowledge we aim to provide you and your pets.

You can read more about The Dog Clinic difference unique to our veterinary clinic by browsing the tabs of the main menu.

Contact us today, or drop in with your dog for a visit to check out our facilities, but don’t mind Rosie who is likely to be supervising clinic activities (sleeping) in her favourite doggy lounge chair!
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